Learning Tools

MathWiz has developed Learning and Teaching tools to help students improve their understanding of topics and problem-solving skills and to help teachers deliver the course of study.

  • Curriculum specific ... ideas and topics presented in school
  • Learn at own pace ... for review, when absent or to reach ahead
  • Lessons are 5 - 15 minutes ... Engaging and with clear detail
  • Theory, examples, practical applications ... model solutions
  • Online practice problems ... track your progress

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Animated Lessons

Each course contains engaging, voiced animations that are 5 - 15 minutes long each. Lessons are watched from the Classroom page and are organized in units. They include theory, model solutions and practical applications and are clearly articulated with a good amount of detail.

Users need to be logged in to have access to the Classroom or can use Guest Access on the Try MathWiz page button above to view a few Demo lessons.

Study Guide

The study guide contains one review per lesson for each course. Each review has 5 questions that relate directly to the lesson. The questions vary in type from retrieving information, explaining or describing a step or procedure, showing alternate solutions, comparing strategies and extending ideas. Reviews are designed to take from 15 - 30 minutes each to complete and can be used for homework with watching a lesson, working in class or for group discussion.

Online Practice Problems

Each lesson has a set of online multiple-choice problems to work on with hints provided if needed. They are found below each lesson. Success with completion of problems is recorded for the progress reports. This is a favourite resource for improving problem-solving skills.

Practice Tests and Exams (PDF)

Each unit has a practice test that summarizes the lessons for the unit.
Each course has a sample Exam.