Support and FAQ

1. Are there any login restrictions?

You may login from any computer with internet access.

Lessons are accessed through the web and do not require you to download a program to view them.

2. Can I share my login?

We advise you not to share your login. Our site does not support more than one user of a login at the same time.

3. Can my login be used by more than one person at the same time?

No it cannot. If you are logged in and someone tries to login with your login then you will be disabled. GUARD your login and do not let anyone find it. Change your password periodically.

4. I have a question about the course or a lesson. What can I do?

If you have a question about a course or lesson, please fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

5. How do I locate a lesson?

Courses, Units and lessons are located in the Classroom area.

Click on individual units to see their list of lesson topics. Each lesson has a Study Guide and a set of practice problems. Each unit has as a sample test and each course has sample exams.

6. Will the MathWiz site be available at all times?

The MathWiz site will be available 24/7 unless there are service interruptions beyond our control or for periodic upgrades to the site.

7. What happens if the lessons do not play?

Make sure that you have internet access and that the lesson has not been paused. "Flash" must be installed on your desktop computer if possible. Visit to download the most current Flash Player.

For Apple iPads or iPhones and Android devices please visit the support pages for those devices.

8. What happens if my lessons do not play smoothly?

Check your internet service provider about the broadband speed you are receiving and make sure that you do not have too many programs running at the same time. A hi-speed connection should be sufficient to view our lessons under normal conditions.

9. What are the best settings for viewing this site?

Best monitor settings for viewing this site are 1024 by 768.

10. Can I start anywhere in the course or lesson?

You can start at any lesson or move to any point within a lesson.

11. How many times can I watch a lesson?

You can view a lesson as many times as you like before moving on.

1. How do I subscribe?

Create an account, login and then follow the subscription steps on the Pricing Plans page.

Payment for an Individual Student subscription is by PayPal.

For a Teacher Class Plan subscription, Payment is by PAYPAL or by cheque. Just follow the Order Form steps after login.

2. How do I change my password, email or other information?

When you login you may update "My Profile".

3. What do I do if I forgot my password?

"Click Here" on the login page if you forgot your password.

4. What do I do if I forgot my email address?

Email us on the Contact page and provide us with information that can identify you.

5. What do I receive with my purchased login?

Full 24/7 Access to all Classroom lessons and supporting learning tools like the online practice problems, Study Guides, practice tests and practice exams.

6. Do I have to create a new account every year in order to access the free use time or to subscribe?

No you do not have to re-create your account each year. Your account is active for as long as you have it or ask us to delete it. A subscription on the other hand has a specific time frame and expires when it is reached. The account stays active though.

7. How do I delete my account?

Contact Us requesting to delete your account. It will be deleted within 48 hours.

1. How can I use MathWiz in my class?

Show the lessons on a projector or Smartboard and teach while pausing/playing. If you have computers in the class then have students watch the lesson again as reinforcement at their own pace or go ahead and try to learn the next lesson. Students can also access the lessons during the day in the library or classroom computers at lunch and work on their homework.

2. Can I use MathWiz if I am away?

Absolutely. The substitute teacher can project the lesson for the students to learn and then assign the practice problems. Also your students can access the resource on their devices if your class has Wifi.

3. Can I request a lesson or problem to be added?

We encourage feedback and suggestions for sample exercises and problems. Specific content may be added if sufficient interest is received.

4. Can I copy MathWiz material for my class?

No. Lessons, practice problem sets, unit tests, practice exams and any other material are the copyrighted property of MathWiz Inc.. You may not copy and distribute material from the site to your students or for personal use unless permission has been granted by MathWiz Inc.

5. How do I purchase a subscription?

Create an account. Login and go to the Order Form on the Pricing Plans page and the Teacher Class Plans order form.

Select 6 or 12 months. Select your method of Payment and Submit. You will have 24/7 access right away and can add classes then enrol students.

If you know that you are part of a Department Order for your school then you need to indicate that and Select "Invoice Me". You will NOT receive an invoice. It's just to enable you to obtain 24/7 access right away. Your department will be sent the actual invoice.

1. How can I use MathWiz?

Access the lessons during the day in the library or classroom computers.

If you have a subscription then you have 24/7 access to all the lessons and other learning tools like the Study Guides, online practice problems, unit sample tests and sample exams as well as Progress Reports for the problems you try.

2. Can I use MathWiz if I am away from school?

Absolutely. You can access MathWiz anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection.

3. Can I copy MathWiz material for my class?

No way! Lessons, practice problem sets, unit tests, practice exams and any other material are the copyrighted property of MathWiz Inc.. You may not copy and distribute material from the site unless permission has been granted by MathWiz Inc.

4. Do I have to buy a subscription if my teacher has me on their MathWiz class list??

Check with your teacher first. You would have to buy a subscription if the teacher has not purchased one for the class.

iPads and iPhones Settings for Puffin Web Browser

We recommend using the Puffin Academy Browser for iOS to enable viewing of the Flash lessons on your iPad or iPhone. You will then be viewing Mathwiz through the Puffin Academy class Portal.

To read about this portal, click Puffin Academy Class Portal

Click Puffin Academy and download the FREE Puffin Academy Browser for iOS to be able view the Flash lessons on your iPad or iPhone.

Accessing the MathWiz site.

1.    Open the Puffin Academy Browser on your iPad or iPhone. This should automatically take you to a list of approved educational sites.

2.    Select the MathWiz image which is a few rows down the list. This link takes you to the MathWiz description page.

3.    Click LAUNCH. This will take you to the MathWiz site where you can login to your account.

You will be viewing the MathWiz videos through the Puffin Academy browser which handles the Flash animation videos, not through Safari.

iPad Settings

To enable your video watching/tracking progress to show on your progress reports, you need to check the Puffin Browser settings.
(Check first to see whether this feature is not working for you by watching a video and then going to the corresponding Progress Report to see if the Percent Watched has been recorded. Your setting might already enable it.)
Follow these steps or download the instructions here. Puffin Settings for iPad

1.    Open the Puffin browser and select the main menu ... 3 parallel lines in the top right.

2.    Select the Settings symbol ... looks like a gear.

3.    For Data Savings click Mobile data.

4.    Select Mobile Data.

What is Video Tracking?

Video tracking is a feature for subscribers which tracks the percentage of each lesson that the user has watched and records it in the user's progress reports for their reference. The data is only accessible by the user and their teacher if they are enrolled in a teacher's class as well as MathWiz. The data is not accessible by other 3rd party.

If you are watching a video and want to check your progress ... select View Progress Report. Your video will stop and a progress report will appear in a separate page. When this page is closed, the video will continue.

Solutions for playing the Flash lessons

ANDROID DEVICES - Phone or Tablet

We recommend using the Puffin Academy Web Browser to enable viewing of the Flash lessons on your Android device.

Download the Puffin Academy Web Browser for FREE either at:
A. Google Play
B. to be able view the Flash lessons on your Android tablet or phone.

CHROME BROWSER - Desktop or Laptop Computer Solutions
A. Follow these steps in Chrome.
Go to:
1. Settings
2. Advanced
3. Privacy and Security
4. Site Settings
5. Flash
6. Slide the round button to Turn On.
(Block sites from running Flash should say "Ask First")

When you now try to watch a video and the message says "Adobe Flash is Blocked", you can click the video once and then click ALLOW in the pop-up box.

B. Another option is to Click Chrome Settings and follow the steps.

Complete the form below if you have a support question to ask.
Complete all areas of the form. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

If you need to, you can call us at 416.720.5537